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Hier erhalten Sie Hilfe zu Integration und Live-Kampagnen.

Willkommen in unserem Support Center. Hier erhalten Sie Hilfe zu Integration und Live-Kampagnen.

Kann ich die Metriken und Dimensionen meiner Startseite anpassen?

Yes. You are able to customize the metrics and dimensions by simply selecting the “edit” option at the top of your home page.

You are now able to select the metrics you would like to show in your graph by simply hovering over the tag name. You may delete, or add up to 6 metrics to your home page, and  customize their order by simply dragging and dropping them to match your preferences.

The same pattern is used to customize the metrics on your home page table. You may rearrange, delete or add up to 10 different metrics to match your preferences.

To create a truly customized report, please see “Am I able to create my own reports and customize the various metrics and dimensions?”.

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