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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Can I schedule a report to be sent on a recurring basis?

Yes. You can schedule weekly recurring reports. To schedule a recurring report, simply select or create the report you wish to receive over email and click the “share” button at the bottom of your Reports tab.


You can set up scheduled email reports to go out to as many users as you'd like. Simply add the recipients’ email addresses in the “To” field. Use a semicolon to separate email addresses. 


You can also select the frequency of your report. Select between a single occurrence or a recurring daily, weekly, or monthly email.

  • Single occurrence – To send a report over email simply generate your desired report, add your recipients’ email addresses and select “Once” under the frequency option. 
  • Recurring report – To receive your campaign performance on a regular basis directly into your inbox, simply add your email to the recipient list and select "Daily", “Weekly”, or "Monthly" under the frequency. You can select the day of week and time of day you'd like the recurring report be delivered. 

The email will include a link to the dedicated report in our Management Center and a spreadsheet in .xls format.

To unsubscribe or delete a scheduled email report, please follow the “unsubscribe” link directly from the email report.

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