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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Neto Tags and Feed Integration Guide


Use this guide to help generate a product feed and find out how to install the Criteo OneTag on your Neto site.

How to generate a product feed

This feed must include the products SKU. Click here to generate the feed in Neto.

How to install the Criteo OneTag

The tags are mostly copy+paste ready, but you may need to modify some depending on your site’s customization. Follow these five simple steps to implement the Crtieo OneTag:

  1. Go to Setup & tools > All settings & tools > Custom Scripts
  2. Click Add New
  3. Add the name Criteo OneTag
  4. Click Page Footer and then copy+paste the OneTag script. Click Save
    Click for code!
  5. Click Purchase Confirmation (Thank You Page), then copy+paste the Sales Tag script. Click Save.
    Click for code!

How do I test the tags?


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