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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Volusion Tags and Feed Integration Guide


This guide will explain how to generate a Google Shopping Feed and install Criteo OneTag on your Volusion site. 

How to install the Criteo OneTag

The Criteo OneTag will need to be implemented on your Volusion Platform's default template. They are mostly copy+paste ready, but you may need to modify some using jQuery depending on your site’s customization.

The tags will need to be implemented on your Volusion Platform's default template.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" async="true"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var deviceType= /iPad/.test(navigator.userAgent)?"t":/Mobile|iP(hone|od)|Android|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Silk/.test(navigator.userAgent)?"m":"d";
var accountID = PARTNER_ID;
var homepageDomain = '';
window.criteo_q = window.criteo_q || [];
window.criteo_q.push({ event: "manualFlush"},
{ event: "setAccount", account: accountID},
{ event: "setSiteType", type: deviceType});
    case 'default.asp':
    /*if(document.location.href.replace(/^https?\:\/\//i, "").split(/[?#]/)[0].split("/")[0] == homepageDomain.replace(/^https?\:\/\//i, "").split(/[?#]/)[0].split("/")[0])*/
           window.criteo_q.push({event: "viewHome", ecpplugin: "volusion"},{event: "flushEvents"});
    case 'productdetails.asp':
        var product_ID = global_Current_ProductCode;
           window.criteo_q.push({event: "viewItem", ecpplugin: "volusion", item: product_ID},{event: "flushEvents"});
    case 'searchresults.asp':
var itemList = [];
                var item = ($(this).attr("href").split("/")[4].split(".")[0]);
                var product_IDList= itemList.slice(0,3);
                     window.criteo_q.push({event: "viewList", ecpplugin: "volusion", item: product_IDList},{event: "flushEvents"});
    case 'shoppingcart.asp':
        var BasketList = [];
        $.getJSON('/ajaxcart.asp?cachebust=', function (data) {
              BasketList.push({id: data.Products[i].ProductCode, price: (data.Products[i].ProductPrice.split('$')[1].replace(" Inc GST",""))/(data.Products[i].Quantity), quantity: data.Products[i].Quantity});
         window.criteo_q.push({event: "viewBasket", ecpplugin: "volusion", item: BasketList},{event: "flushEvents"});
    case 'orderfinished.asp':
    var productArray = [];
            var arrayLength = OrderDetails.length-1;
                for (var i = 0; i <= arrayLength; i++) {
                    var productId = OrderDetails[i][2];
                    var itemPrice = OrderDetails[i][5];
                    var itemQty = OrderDetails[i][6];

                    var item = {id: productId, price: itemPrice, quantity: itemQty};
          window.criteo_q.push({event: "trackTransaction", ecpplugin: "volusion", id: Order[0],item: productArray},{event: "setEmail", email: Order[9]},{event: "flushEvents"});



  • If you have access to the Criteo Integrate Platform, please login and test your tags using the Tags Validation Dashboard
  • You can also download the Criteo Accurate chrome extension to test your tags.
  • It is important to note that we collect the unit price for your products in the Criteo OneTag. We multiply the unit price with the product quantity to calculate the Total Order Value displayed in reporting. If you apply any shipping, taxes, vouchers, discounts, or promo codes, it is your responsibility to verify they are applied to the Total Order Value correctly.


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