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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

3D Cart Tags and Feed Integration Guide


This guide will explain how to generate a product feed and how to install the Criteo One Tag on your 3D Cart site.

How to generate a product feed

3D Cart has a parent-child structure, so we recommend you use 3D Cart's internal product ID rather than a product ID generated elsewhere. Simply follow these six steps to generate a product feed:

  1. Export/Import
    Go to Products > Product List > Export / Import
  2. Go to Products > Manage
  3. Click Add New to create a new export
  4. Match the fields using Criteo Product Feed Specification.
    These are the default column titles. If required, you can add additional columns to the export:
    • name (alias: title)
    • url_link (alias: link)
    • image1/thumbnail (alias: image_link) NOTE: please make sure you insert the site's home URL as Prefix.
    • description (alias: description)
    • price (alias: price)
    • catalogid (alias: id)
    • saleprice (alias: sale_price)
    • instock_message (alias: availability)
    • categories (alias: product_type)
    • constant for static value (optional)image02.png
  5. Schedule your export. Go to Products > Choose your export under Custom Export Sets > Schedule
  6. Generate feed link

    Under Scheduled Exports, choose checkbox Enable and enter the file name. Under Action choose the first option Save File.


How to install the Criteo OneTag

First, you’ll need to access the website's theme. Go to Settings > Design > Themes & Styles. Then click Edit Template (HTML).

The individual templates are:

  • Homepage: home.html
  • Listing pages: category_0.html. You may have more than 1 template for category pages.
  • Product pages: listing_0.html. You may have more than 1 template for product pages.
  • Product pages (quick view): quickview.html
  • Cart/Basket pages: view_cart.html
  • Cart/Basket pages (quick view popup): view_cart_quick.html
  • Order Confirmation page: checkout-step4.html if it's a 4-step checkout system.

If you are combining all the tags into one conditional statement, you can add your script to frame.html.

To integrate the Criteo OneTag, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Homepage Template >home.html
    Click for Homepage Tag
  2. Listing Template >category_0.html
    The idea here is to populate the product IDs on the page as either HTML or a JavaScript variable using the macro [catalogid].

    The listing loop generally sits within the section with the following START and END comments.

    ....html template for each product in the category....
    <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->

    You can add the following code within the listing loop to build an array of products IDs in JavaScript:

    <script>var prodlist = prodlist||[]; prodlist.push("[catalogid]"); </script>
    <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->


    Click for Listing Tag
  3. Product/Quick-view Template >listing_0.html or quickview.html
    Click for Product Tag
  4. Cart/Quick-view Template >view_cart.html or view_cart_quick.html
    Similar to the listing tag, we need to build the product array within the cart item loop of the HTML, which is within the section of the following START and END comment:


    <script> var cartData = cartData||[]; cartData.push({id: "[catalogid]", price: ("[ITEM_PRICE]").replace('$',''), quantity: [ITEM_QUANTITY] }); </script>


    Click for Basket Tag
  5. Order Confirmation Template > checkout-step4.html
  6. The product data is the same as listing and cart:
    <!--START: items-->
    <script> var orderData=orderData||[]; orderData.push({ id: "[catalogid]", price: ("[unitprice]").replace('$',''), quantity: "[numitems]" }); </script>
    <!--END: items-->

    You can retrieve the Order ID with the macro [invoicenum]
    You can retrieve the plain-text email address with the macro [oemail]
    Click for Conversion Tag

How do I test the tags?


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