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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

What is the Attribution Scope menu?

The Attribution Scope drop-down menu is in the Reports tab in Management Center. This allows you to switch between cross-device and same-device sales metrics. 

The cross-device view 

To view cross-device metrics, select "Include Cross-device sales" under the Attribution Scope drop-down menu.  
In this case, Sales would include both sales transactions that were completed on the same device, and cross-device sales. This includes cases such as a user clicking on an ad on his desktop, only to complete the purchase later on his mobile.  
To help you make the right investment decisions, all key sales metrics such asCost Of Sale (COS), Cost Per Order (CPO) and Conversion Rate (CR) are updated to reflect a cross-device view.  

The same-device view 

To view same-device metrics, deselect "Include Cross-device sales" under the Attribution Scope drop-down menu. In this case, Sales only reflect sales that have resulted from an ad click and purchase on the same device. Metrics including Cost Of Sale, Cost Per Order and Conversion Rate reflect a same-device view. Use a cross-device view for a complete view of campaign performance.
Today’s online consumers use multiple devices during their online shopping journey, regularly browsing and buying on different devices. Almost 1 in 3 online retail transactions involve two or more devices.
Using Criteo's Identity Graph, powered by more than 10,000 participating advertisers, we can identify hundreds of millions of deterministic IDs and accurately link each consumer to their shopping activity across devices, channels, and platforms. This allows us to identify multiple devices used by a consumer in their purchase journey, and provide you with the most accurate data on which to make investment decisions.  
We recommend that any analysis is based on Cross-device view figures, to avoid misattributing sales that happen beyond the device on which an ad was initially clicked. 

What about the attribution Scope Menu on the Campaigns tab?

Under the Campaigns tab the default view includes Cross-device sales that occurred within the last 30 days. Please contact Criteo's Account Strategy team to change the default view.
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