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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How does Facebook’s Cross-Device Last Touch Data influence my campaign reports?

Facebook’s Cross-Device Last Touch Data provides Criteo with last-click cross-device sales matching data. This allows us to collect sales information at a granular level vs. aggregating sales without cross-device level information.

As a result, you get more accurate and up-to-date reports for all your Criteo-powered Dynamic Ads campaigns. Your reports reflect the total number of purchases completed 1) on the device used to click on your Criteo-powered Dynamic Ads and 2) on other devices.

These sales are included in your Management Center metrics and transaction ID reports, allowing you to manage CPC’s for your Criteo-powered Dynamic Ads campaigns with greater accuracy.

Facebook's Cross-Device Last Touch Data is not reported in the Management Center until approximately 48 hours post-order because of the significant offline analysis and attribution work required from Facebook and Criteo.


  • Facebook must collect the sales event, run attribution, and make the attributed order levels available in an API 
  • Criteo must take the order-level data from the API, run attribution, and make attribution available in the Management Center
  • As a precaution against data alterations, Criteo needs to wait before starting to process the data from the Facebook API.

Attribution rate for Facebook’s Cross-Device Last Touch Data reports

Criteo uses the same attribution rate for Facebook data as is used to allow advertisers to view their Criteo cross-device sales in the Management Center.

For advertisers who pass attributed sales, we attribute cross-device sales at about the same rate as attributed same-device sales. We multiply cross-device sales by an attribution rate which is equal to the % of same-device sales attributed to Criteo. We also apply the rolling 7-day average of the same rate to cross-device sales daily.

By using cross-device sales we can identify when multiple devices are used by a consumer in a purchase journey, linking campaign interactions on one device with resultant purchases on another.

This allows cross-device sales to be measured and accurately attributed to your campaign.

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