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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How can I onboard a merchant/partner in Criteo Reseller Program?

To onboard a new merchant/partner, you will need to make sure he is properly flagged in the Product Feed catalog you've previously shared with Criteo. 
To make sure your merchant/partner is properly flagged, you will need to set the “merchant/partner” column to the merchant/partner unique identifier (merchant/partner name) for each of your merchant/partner’s products provided in the feed.

TIP: A merchant/partner becomes active after you send us both his bid and budget.  

After the steps above, you will be able to send us your merchants/partners budget and bids thanks to the merchant/partner endpoints described previously, especially:

  • PUT /merchants/partners/bids to send us the merchant/partner's CPC 
  • POST /merchants/partners/budgets to send us the merchant/partner's budget

TIP: You can retrieve the full list of Merchants/partners with their status (active/inactive) by issuing a GET call to the /merchants/partners/ endpoint, providing your Criteo Reseller Program campaign identifier (CampaignID) as a parameter. 


A merchant/partner is:

  • Active if: it has a budget and a bid
  • Inactive if:
    • in its initial status, you’ve declared the sellerName in the Product Feed and not declared yet any budget and/or bid,
    • it has no active budget (see later ). 
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