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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Feed & Criteo OneTag quality bad or too low


What is Feed Quality?

Feed Quality is defined as the number of Product IDs fed into the Criteo OneTag that match with the  Product IDs from your feed. This calculation relies on having the Criteo OneTag implemented correctly on all your Product pages.

Example: If there are 10,000 Criteo OneTag viewItem event hits, and 9,500 product IDs in those product events hits match a Product ID in the feed, then the Feed Quality is 95%.

Why would Feed Quality be low?

Usually, low Feed Quality is caused by Product IDs being passed in Criteo OneTag viewItem events that do not match the Product IDs from your feed

If you are missing products displayable on your website in the product feed, feed quality will be low. Please ensure that all displayable products on your website are provided in the product feed.

  • If the ID of a product is B789465 in the feed, then the ID passed into the Criteo OneTag viewItem event must also be B789465.

This is a correct match:

This is an incorrect match:

If the Product IDs passed in the Criteo OneTag do not match the Product IDs provided in the Product Feed, then the Feed & Tracker Quality will be low.


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