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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How to use the Debug Mode Console

What is the Debug Mode console?

The Debug Mode console is a troubleshooting tool that will help you detect any issues with the Criteo OneTag you’ve implemented on your site.

Once activated, it appears at the bottom of your browser. Then, as you navigate your site, it will show you the data sent in the Criteo OneTags and highlight any errors or warnings

How do I activate the Debug Mode console?

  1. Click on the ACTIVATE DEBUG MODE button in the Validation Dashboard

  1. Enter your site’s homepage URL and hit the ACTIVATE button

3. Once activated, the Debug Mode console will open in a new tab at the bottom of your browser

How do I test the Criteo OneTag using Debug Mode console?

Once you activate the Debug Mode console, you then navigate through every page of your site where you’ve implemented the Criteo OneTag:

  • Homepage
  • Listing / Category / Search results page
  • Product page
  • Basket/Cart page
  • Conversion/Sales confirmation page

As you navigate through the different page types, the Debug Mode console will display real-time feedback and highlight a list of errors and warnings that need to be fixed before the Criteo OneTag on each page is correct.

Example of error:

Example of warning:

If the Criteo OneTag on the page is correct, you won’t see any errors or warnings.

Example of correct Criteo OneTag:

What do I do if there is an error or warning in the Debug Mode console?

We’ve created a large library of articles that feature detailed explanations of possible issues – and how to implement the Criteo OneTag correctly. Simply click on the errors and warnings to access them. 

What do I do if the Debug Mode console does not display?

To find out why the console has not displayed, please follow the steps in this guide: The Debug Mode console is not displaying



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