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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How can I edit the bidding values for my campaigns/categories?

You are able to directly edit the bid value of both your campaigns and categories at any given time. There are three ways to edit a bid:

    1. Manually – Simply click on the bid value of the category or campaign you wish to change. You will be able to review and validate your changes before saving.

    2. Bulk edit – In addition to manually editing you campaigns and categories, you can export all your campaigns and categories and edit them on your preferred spreadsheet software. To do so, you need to select the “Bulk Edit Bids” option and access the “Bulk Edit” tool. You can then simply copy and paste the entire table to your preferred spreadsheet editing software and assess your bids before making any changes to your campaigns or categories. Once you have finalised your changes, you can paste the cells back to the Advanced Bid Changes tool and save your changes.

      Please note: When editing campaign bids in bulk please make sure you always COPY/PASTE from the bulk edit window to your preferred spreadsheet editor. Please do not work from an offline Excel file as you may face discrepancies with the information already stored and you will not be able top complete the process.

      Most common errors when working on the same offline file are :

      - You are missing a single CPC value from a single line or more from your campaign table,
      - You are missing a single campaign name from a single line or more, 
      - An unrecognised or new campaign name was added in the list when pasted back in the bulk edit table.

    3. Managed – If you prefer not to make changes yourself, your Account Strategist can help you manage your bids. Managed changes are implemented in two different ways:
      1. Pre-authorise your Account Strategist to change bid values on your behalf. If an authorised Account Strategist changes any bids, you will automatically receive an email with the changes in effect.
      2. Your Account Strategist can make any changes to your bid values without your prior authorisation. In case your Account Strategist makes any changes, you will be notified over email, and you will need to approve the changes before they apply.*

*Important: When your Account Strategist initiates the bid change on the management portal, you will need to log in to the new platform to approve or reject the change. Similarly, if the Account Strategist initiates the change on CPOP, you will have to action on the change in the same platform. Once approved, you will be able to see the bid change on both platforms.

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