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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Account ID is missing or empty

To help us collect the user’s browsing intent and then build relevant product recommendations to display on the Criteo creatives (banners), we need specific dynamic and static parameters to be implemented into the Criteo OneTag.

Your Account ID is your unique implemented in Criteo OneTag. You’ll find it within the individual tracker examples on the platform.

If you see the error message “Account ID missing” or “Account ID is empty”, you have to verify the corresponding line in the Criteo OneTag and ensure that you have accurately implemented the Account ID we provided.

This error message could result from the following issues:

  • The “setAccount” parameter is missing from Criteo OneTag
  • The “setAccount” parameter is misspelled – eg. { event:”setAccont”, account: 5854 }

If your Account ID is 1234, the Criteo OneTag should look like this:

{ event: "setAccount", account: 1234 }




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