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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Warning - Hardcoded Email Address


If you see this warning message, it’s because all the events are showing the same email address. It means that you’ve hardcoded "" as the email address in the setEmail or setHashedEmail events or any other hardcoded email address.

The email address you send in the Criteo OneTag must be unique for every user on your site and not hard coded. The email address is the one that the user logs in to your site with – or the one entered at the checkout on your site.

This is incorrect:       

{ event: "setEmail", email: "" },

This is incorrect:

{ event: "setHashedEmail", email: "" },



You’ll need to send the user's email address in the setHashedEmail or setEmail event. Find out more about these two events found here.

We recommend you send an email address that has already been hashed via a dedicated function (using an MD5 algorithm). Check the example below for a MD5 hashed email sent in the setHashedEmail event:

This is correct:

{ event: "setHashedEmail", email: "b58996c504c5638798eb6b511e6f49af" },

If you’re unable to pass an unhashed or hashed email address, just pass us an empty string:

{ event: "setHashedEmail", email: "" },















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