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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Warning - Hardcoded Product ID


This warning message appears when you hardcode the product ID from the example in the guide. 

This is incorrect:

{ event: "viewItem", item: "product_id" }

This is incorrect:

{ event: "viewList", item:[ "product_id_1" , "product_id_2" , "product_id_3" ]}

Remember, the Product ID passed on the Criteo OneTag must exactly match the one used in your product data feed.

We need the Product ID to track: 

viewItem, viewListviewBasket and trackTransaction events. Find information on events here.


Make sure the Product ID is dynamically implemented in the Criteo OneTag for the listing, product, basket and confirmation pages. The Product ID passed through these tags should exactly match the Product ID used in your product data feed.

This is correct:
If a user is on a product page and the Product ID for the product displayed on that particular page is A123, the viewItem event in the Criteo OneTag should look like this:

{ event: "viewItem", item: "A123" }

This is correct:

If the user is on a listing page and the first three Product IDs for the products listed on the page are B456C789D101, the viewList event in the Criteo OneTag should look like this:

{ event: "viewList", item: ["B456", "C789", "D101"] }

If you implement Criteo OneTag via Google Tag Manager, please make sure your variables are correctly defined and the Google Tag Manager dataLayer contains the data used in those variables.






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