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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How do I add a new IO under an existing budget?

To add a new IO under an existing budget, simply select the budget you wish to add additional orders to. Criteo provides you with three types of IOs you can choose from:

  1. Monthly – Selecting the monthly type allows you to have full control of your monthly spend.
  2. Capped – Selecting the capped option allows you to set up new IO without specifying an end date. Once your funds run out the IO becomes inactive. To reactive the IO you need to manually renew it, or select auto-renew when you first create it.
  3. Uncapped – Selecting the uncapped option allows you to set up a new IO without a predefined budget. The budget is limited to the initial budget set when you signed the first budget with Criteo.


After you select your preferred IO type and add your new budget, your budget will automatically update to reflect the new amount of the new IO. To do so, you will need to agree and comply with the automatic IO approval terms and conditions. 


When your Criteo Account Strategist creates a new IO for your campaign, a new “pending” order is created under your existing budget. To approve your order, an email will be sent to your account's admin or Financial Manager for their approval. After clicking on the link provided in the email you will be redirected back to the platform where you will be able to approve the insertion order. 

If you have created a capped IO and your budget is about to run out, a low budget warning icon will be displayed next to the affected campaign on your campaign management tab. Once you click on the icon, you can retrieve information on the remaining days and/or remaining amount. To renew your budget, you will need to create a new IO by clicking on the "Add Insertion Order" button. Once created, the new IO will be submitted for approval under your budget management tab. 

Please note: If you create a new IO and there is a previously created IO still pending for approval, the new IO will cancel the previous one, regardless of the type, amount or dates.

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