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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Product feed Validation Dashboard



The product feed validation dashboard will help you identify and solve issues within your product feed. You can use it to improve the quality of the product feed, find detailed information about your products, and locate any errors that occur during the import. 

You can find out more about product feed quality in this article and this article.

What’s on the dashboard?

The dashboard will highlight any warnings or errors that have occurred during your feed import: 

  1. Critical errors you must fix

A critical error will prevent the feed from being imported. It will apply to all (or almost all) of the products in the feed – and you must address it to move forward.

  1. Errors and warnings to review

These errors – usually on a small percentage of products – are not critical and will not prevent you from moving forward with your Criteo integration. However, fixing them will improve the overall quality of your product feed. 

You can find out more about errors and warnings in this article

To see a list or overview of the products affected, simply click on the error or warning in question. You can also download an excel file of all the errors listed on the dashboard. 

Review product attributes

Review product attributes is a section on the dashboard that will list the names of mandatory and optional product attributes expected in a feed. It will also show the occurrence of each attribute in the feed – in volume and percentage – in order for you to adjust the missing attributes.

Review product feed

This section of the dashboard gives you an overview of what the imported product feed will look like. You can review each product ID, title, price, category and description, product URL and product images.

If there are any errors or warnings linked to the products, it will list them here. To get a detailed overview of the issues associated with each product, simply click on the + button.

Current feed location 

Here, we display the URL provided and the product feed imported. This is the product feed we show the results for in the validation dashboard.


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