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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How do I use the Integration platform to import my product feed ?


Criteo needs all product data that you have published on your website. With this data, Criteo can generate recommendations to your customers and deliver personalized ads that will increase your on-site conversions.

For more information regarding the product feed, read Criteo product feed specifications.

During the integration process we will assist you with importing the product feed data into the Criteo system. Import your product feed in four steps:

  1. Qualify your feed.
  2. Provide your feed.
  3. Validate the import.
  4. Full import results.

A navigation bar will show you which step of the process you are in.


Step 1. Qualify your product Feed


The first step is to qualify your product feed. Here you will be asked to choose how you would like to send your product feed to Criteo. You can provide a product feed matching Criteo’s product feed specifications, or you can re-use your existing product feed with Google specifications


Step 2. Provide your product feed:


Step two is to provide your product feed. In this step you will specify where Criteo can retrieve your product feed. The Criteo Integration platform allows you to import your product feed directly into the Criteo data system.

To be able to retrieve the product feed and import all the product details it contains, the integration platform needs access to your product feed file using one of the below protocols:

  1. FTP (File transfer Protocol) 
  2. HTTP or HTTPS

Find out more about how Criteo imports your product feed here. To make sure we can use your product feed to create personalized ads, we'll import, analyse and test an extract of it. The Integration platform will notify you if it can’t import your product feed by providing possible errors or warnings. You can access the Support Center to find articles to troubleshoot and solve any issues regarding the product feed import. Once we have successfully imported an extract of your Product feed, you can proceed to validate your Product Feed import.


Step 3. Validate your product feed import


Once we have imported part of your product feed, you will receive feedback on a subset of your product feed (approximately 300 products). This means the Feed Validation dashboard will notify you if we have detected errors that need to be resolved. You will be able to review the errors and warnings with an example for each product and find additional information to understand how to troubleshoot. If your product feed import is successful and has no errors or warnings, you can validate your product feed import and move to the next step.

In the event that your product feed partial import has anything that needs to be resolved, the Feed Validation Dashboard will show you how to review and resolve the warnings and errors, product attributes, and show you examples of products that need your attention:


Step 4. Full Import Results


Once you have validated the partial import of your product feed, Criteo will start the full import process. The product feed import can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours depending on the size of your feed. Criteo will email you once the feed has been successfully imported. Criteo will also provide similar feedback as during the partial product feed import process, to make sure Criteo has checked your entire product feed.

Once your full product feed has been imported, you will have the chance to see a selection of products to make additional checks on your side if required. You can search for a product, using a product ID to verify data stored by Criteo for this product. Once the product feed is successful, you can see the full product information on your product feed.

Once we have successfully imported your product feed, we will activate your product feed daily import to make sure we get up-to-date product information. If your product feed is updated daily at a specific time, you'll have the option to schedule the daily import of your product feed, so that we can import it with the most up-to-date information.

Schedule your feed:


You can schedule your product feed import once a day and Criteo will import the feed at the time you indicate.

Lastly, you will receive confirmation of your full product feed import. After you receive the confirmation you can continue with the next steps of your integration process.



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