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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

What information am I able to access under the “Home” section of the Criteo Publisher Marketplace?


The “Home” section provides you with a short overview of the aggregated performance of your placements with Criteo advertisers. Our dashboard is split into three main sections, each designed to empower you to make the right optimization decisions.


The three sections are:


1. Statistics 

In “ My Statistics”, you can get a real-time view of your current total revenues, average CPM and total impressions monetized by Criteo for all your properties for the current day, week and month.

 You can also quickly compare the performance of your current statistics with the previous day, week and month. 



2. Estimated Earnings

In “Estimated earnings” you’ll see an overview of campaign earnings for the day, the previous day, and the current and previous month.


3. Payment

In “My Payments”, you’ll find information of your statements and earnings issued for the previous months of the same calendar year. You can also access additional earnings and statements from previous calendar years.  

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