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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Step 4 Google Tag Manager: Tags


On this final step of the configuration, you will link together Variables and Triggers to form our Criteo OneTag and fire it with all the necessary information, at the right time.

The Criteo OneTag can be easily created with Google Tag Manager by using the official template available, however you will need to create 5 tags corresponding to our 5 user journey scenarios:

  • Homepage
  • Listing
  • Product
  • Basket
  • Sales confirmation

How to create a Criteo tag?

Click on Tags > NEW

Select the Criteo template

Tag configuration

After you have selected the Criteo template, the rest of the configuration depends on the type of tag you are currently creating. Using the Variables setup in Step 2 and the Triggers setup in Step 3, you will be able to easily fill out for each type of tag the information it requires. You will find below each tag type and the corresponding Variables and Triggers.






What's Next?

Our Criteo OneTag is now configured and ready to be deployed. The next step is the last step of the implementation and will explain how to test your configuration and publish it on your website: Step 5: Debug and Publish

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