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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

What ad formats does Criteo support


In addition to standard banners, Criteo supports a number of different ad sizes and formats across mobile and desktop:


Native Ads

Native ads uniquely blend in with your property, by taking the form your content. Due to their unique layout, native ads show great results. They can can be integrated using a customizable API or standard Javascript tags. Please contact your account manager for help setting these up.


Sticky Footer

A Sticky Footer is a Leaderboard format at the bottom of the page, that scrolls down when the user scrolls down. It’s not intrusive and the user can close the banner at any time.  


Scrolling Banner

This is a Skyscraper ad usually found at the side of a page. Similar to the Sticky Footer, it’s always visible as the user scrolls down.


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