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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Criteo Glossary


Audience             The group of people or users who visit a specific website or who are reached by a specific ad campaign.
Avg. Cart:
Average Cart
The average cart value of a user who visited the site by clicking on a Criteo ad.
Bidding algorithms Mathematical formulas and sophisticated probability computations - all within a specified time constraint - which Criteo uses to efficiently purchase inventory and calculate the anticipated gain on ad spend.

Com. Win %:
Competition Win %

The percentage of displays an advertiser wins in automated bidding against all other advertisers using Criteo.
Conv. Rate PV:
Conversion Rate Post View
The percentage of users who make a purchase on the advertiser website after viewing a Criteo banner. Conversion rate post click = Purchases / Clicks
Conversion Rate The percentage of people who clicked on an ad and completed the desired action.
Cookies A piece of data stored on a user’s web browser. When a user visits a Criteo advertiser’s website, we place a cookie in the user's browser to collect information about the user (e.g. which products they looked at). Cookies enable us to recognize our users and serve them a personalized ad.
Cost Of Sales
The effective ROI from Criteo campaigns measured by dividing the Revenue generated Post Click by the Cost of the campaign: COS = Revenue / Sales post-click
Cost Per Acquisition

The amount an advertiser spends for a user's action, i.e. a purchase, a form submission, etc.

Cost Per Click
The cost to an advertiser per click generated from Criteo ads.
Cost per Thousand Impressions
Cost per thousand impression (Cost Per Mille). Criteo pays publisher partners on a CPM basis: for every thousand impressions delivered on the partner’s website. (Revenue/Impressions) x 1000.
Cost Per Order
The cost to an advertiser per sale: total expenditure / number of sales.
Click Through Rate
The percentage of users who click on an ad after seeing it. CTR is calculated using the formula: Clicks/Impressions.
Dynamic ads An ad dynamically and personally created for the user viewing it, in order to create additional engagement and (ultimately) sales.

Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions

The predicted price that Criteo uses to effectively bid on inventory to gain access to the best users per advertiser.

eCPM is calculated using the formula: eCPM = predictiveCTR x CPC x 1000
Exposed Users The number of users Criteo is able to show dynamic ads to.

Dynamic Ads for Facebook/Instagram

Dynamic Ads for Facebook & Instagram powered by Criteo extend the full capabilities of Criteo Dynamic Retargeting across Facebook and Instagram. Boost your campaign performance, and increase sales conversion across Facebook and Instagram by extending Criteo Dynamic Retargeting's unique capabilities to power Facebook Dynamic Ads across desktop and mobile.
Impression Each time an ad is displayed on a publisher’s website.
Impression Win Rate When an advertiser implements Criteo OneTag on their site, the user can be tagged for tracking. The impression win rate measures the number of impressions won over the number of impressions bid.
Native ads A type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform in which it appears - giving the user a seamless experience.
Post Click Post-click is the most effective way to measure interaction and accountablility for sales. It means an individual has clicked on the banner, returned to a website, and executed the desired action. It enables you to determine the true value from advertising as the click leads to an action.
Post View
(or View-through)
Post-view (or view-through) is when an individual is served an ad anywhere on a page, but is not required to click on it. The user may not have seen the banner but sales are still claimed.
Reach The volume and scale of Criteo's publisher access. The bigger the reach, the faster Criteo can serve a relevant ad to the user and drive re-engagement in the buying cycle.
Recommendation Criteo drives incremental value and sales by displaying recommended products in banners that a user didn’t see while on the site. These recommendations are created using a correlation of all user behaviour to create intelligent product links.
Return On Advertising Spend
A calculation of dollars sold / dollars spent, used to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. The formula measures how much gross revenue is realized for every $ spent on advertising (dollars sold / dollar spent).
Static ads Unlike dynamic banners, the content of static banners is pre-prepared - the element you can control is the condition that defines which pre-prepared option the user sees. These ads usually have a much lower CTR and CR compared to dynamic ads.
Tagged users % The percentage of all site visitors that have had a Criteo cookie placed into their browser and are eligible to see dynamically created ads.
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