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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Can I export and analyze my data using a third party application?

Yes. Criteo Publisher Marketplace provides an advanced API that allows you to retrieve and analyze your data using your preferred software or your own platform. Retrieve customized statistics without the need to log into our platform, using a specific URL.

To retrieve your unique API key, select “Custom export guide/API”.

Please note: you can generate a new API key at any time. 

To retrieve your statistics, please provide the following fields:

Mandatory information

This parameter allows the API to be accessed programmatically without the need to enter credentials. Consequently, it MUST stay secret, as it gives direct access to its user’s statistics.

Begin date: format YYYY-MM-DD

End date: format YYYY-MM-DD

File format: 3 formats are supported: Excel, XML and JSON:


Optional information

Site ID
: format &siteid=XXXX
The site ID, as shown in the “my ads” tab, is used to restrict the export to a single website.

Placement ID: format &placementid=XXXX
The placement ID, as shown in the “My Ads” tab, is used to restrict the export to a single placement.

Metric selection
Allows a customization of the columns in the export. When this option is used only the columns that you specify will appear in the export.

Hourly stats
Format: &generator=hourly
Shows hourly statistics for the last 15 days at most.

Currency selection
Format: &currency=USD
This option allows you to export your statistics in a currency different than your default one. The list of currencies appears on your preferences page.

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