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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How does Criteo optimize my banner design?

We’ve developed Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), a powerful prediction engine that drives the best performance for every campaign.

In terms of creative, we used client case studies and A/B tests to develop a portfolio of vertical layouts to suit any data and information architecture requirements. We currently offer 23 options, with more on the way.

Will the designs match my brand guidelines?

As designers, we bring together our client's brand guidelines and our knowledge of optimization to deliver the best possible results for each banner set. Read more on how we design banners.  

How does the engine know which modalities perform the best ?  

The engine constantly evaluates the performance of every modality, and will always display the best performing setting.

What is a DCO modality?  

A modality is an option in the banner set. We have three different modalities: colorsets, layouts and CTA wording.

Colorsets are variations in the colors used on different banner elements (background, logo background, borders, font, CTA, etc).


Layouts are the different ways to display product info in the banners.

For CTA wording, we have set options for each vertical (retail, automotive, travel, classified, and so on) to display in the call-to-action button. The engine will test them and display the best performing set.

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