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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

What is the Criteo API?

The Criteo API (application-programming interface) is a way for you to "sync" your database with Criteo. It's really powerful, as it allows to create connections between your tools and your Criteo account.

Once you sync with Criteo using our API, you won't have to log into our interface to manage your account. You can sync your campaign stats, manage your bids. Some of the functionality includes:

  • Import all performance data of your Criteo campaigns into your own tracking tool
  • Manage your Criteo campaigns centrally within your web analytics or SEM bid management tool
  • Automate campaign management routines
  • Create individual reports of your Criteo campaigns
  • Compare the Criteo performance directly with your other channels and see relationships between different online marketing campaigns.

In other words, the Criteo API enables monitoring, surveillance and control of your Criteo campaigns.


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