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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

What is the All Sales metric and how is it calculated?

**** Note: This article is outdated. This is the current version. 

It is only relevant if you decided to keep a same-device reporting view in Management Center 

If you have changed your mind and want to find more details about cross-device reporting in Management Center, get in touch with your Account Strategist. ****


All Sales measures the number of all attributed purchases resulting from your campaign and includes both Sales and Cross-device sales.

We only attribute sales if they occur within a post-click 30-day window i.e. 30 days after an online consumer has clicked on your banner.

Cross-device sales 
Today’s consumers use multiple devices during their online purchase journey, regularly browsing and buying on different devices. These cross-device transactions are not reflected in Sales which only attribute sales when the campaign click was completed on the same device.

Using our cross-device graph we can identify when multiple devices are used by a consumer in a purchase journey, linking campaign interactions on one device with resultant purchases on another.

This allows Cross-device sales to be measured and accurately attributed to your campaign.

Criteo's cross-device graph
Our cross-device graph identifies consumers and their devices. It contains hundreds of millions of privacy safe user identifiers and device matches and continues to grow as over 10,000 participating advertisers share privacy compliant encrypted email identifiers. 

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