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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Create an Audience

Once you select a name for your campaign, you will then need to create your Unique Audience to start targeting customers. Using your existing CRM data, you can create Unique Audiences to accurately target and re-engage your customers with dynamic paid display ads across web, mobile browsers, and apps.

  1. To create your Unique Audience, provide a name for your audience segment. Make sure you name it around the characteristics of that audience segment so you can easily identify it later on.
    Note: Already created a Unique Audience that you want to use?  Select the “Use a saved audience” option under the main navigation bar and choose your preferred audience segment from the list provided
  1. To build your Unique Audience, use one of the two methods described below:
  • An email CRM file containing plain email addresses, MD5 hash of emails, or SHA256 hash of emails
  • Mobile Advertising IDs containing User Identifiers such as IDFA, AAID, or Criteo Cookie ID

Following a successful onboarding and automatic hashing of your audience, you’ll receive an instant match rate indicating how much of your audience was found inside Criteo’s powerful Shopper Graph, which consists of more than 74% of the world’s online shoppers.


Want to submit a different file? Simply delete the previously used and upload a new one.  The previous information uploaded will no longer be stored by Criteo.


Note on Privacy
Criteo does not store any directly identifying information and uses state of the art data hashing algorithms to ensure that no directly identifying information is stored in plain form, such as name, surname, or email address. Independently of how we receive emails, the hashing process is automatically completed within our application. Criteo only stores SHA256 hash, or MD5 hash of emails.

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