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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

About Automatic Credit Card Payments

Automatic credit card payments allow you to pay your monthly Criteo invoices using a Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover credit card. This presents a simple, hassle-free way to pay your open invoices with Criteo, without any fees or monthly actions to be taken by you.


How to setup automatic credit card payments:

  1. Confirm the financial contact that should receive access to the credit card registration portal. You can confirm the financial contact in Management Center, under "Account Settings" and "Users".
  2. Check your email for a secure registration link. This link will be sent to the financial contact that you’ve specified, where you’ll be prompted to log in using your email and Criteo password.
  3. Setup your payments. You will be guided through the setup process, where you will confirm or enter your account information. Once you’ve authorized your credit card setup, you’ll receive an automatic message letting you know that your payment setup was successful. And voila! You’re done.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will my card be charged?

Will I receive a notification before my account is debited?

Will I receive a confirmation once I've registered?

Will a test amount be debited from my account?

How secure is Criteo's payment system?

If the currency of my bank and payment card is different from the invoice currency, can I still pay?

If i have campaigns in several countries, will I receive one invoice?

Who pays the credit card processing fees?

Why was my registration unsuccessful?

Can the registration link be sent to more than one person?

Why has my credit card been declined?

How can I change my credit card details?








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