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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

How to upload and manage coupons

You can upload and manage your coupons from Management Center by visiting the 'Creatives' tab. This tool allows you to quickly see each of your campaign’s live, upcoming, and previous coupons. You can also create and edit live and upcoming coupons. 

 In this article, you'll learn how to:

  1. View your live coupons in the 'live tab'. Here, you may have multiple coupons running if you have multiple campaigns that are live.
  2. Manage your existing coupon projects in the 'Coupon Projects' tab. Here, you can view all scheduled coupons or come back to projects that you started but haven’t yet scheduled.
  3. Upload new coupons in the 'Coupon Projects' tab where you can upload creative for an upcoming promotion and schedule it. Make sure you know what you need before you upload a coupon.      
  4. View your coupon history in the 'History' tab to view previously scheduled coupons that are no longer live, and duplicate them with a click of a button.

View live Coupons

In the 'Live' tab you can see all creative that is live across all of your campaigns, along with coupons. If you’re about to create a new coupon, make sure you check to see what coupons are live first. 

Upload a new coupon

In the 'Creatives' tab, go to 'Coupon Projects' and click on 'Add a Coupon' button at the bottom of the page. From here, follow these 5 steps:

Step 1: Provide coupon Info

  • Coupon name. This is to help you identify which coupon is which within Management Center.
  • Choose a campaign to run your coupon in. If you want to run the coupon across multiple campaigns, you can duplicate this coupon and link it to additional campaigns after creation and deployment.
  • Description. This is only for you to know which coupon this is, so it won't be shown in your ads.
  • Landing page URL where shoppers will be directed to when they click on the coupon. This may be the homepage or a designated landing page for this promotion. If you use Google Analytics or another analytics partner, make sure you add the tracking URL here.
  • Coupon format. Learn the difference between ‘logo zone' and ‘full frame' coupons here


 Step 2: Upload Creative

Upload your coupon files in the recommended sizes and format. You have the option to add multiple coupons to the same ad, which will rotate as "slides”. You may want to use multiple slides if you are trying to tell a story or deliver a longer message without having to fit your message in one slide. 


 Step 3: Settings

Determine animation settings, including how often you want to show your coupon, the duration of time that your coupon will show for, and how many times your coupon will rotate before it stops. The settings default to the recommended animation settings.


 Step 4: Preview

Preview and validate your coupons before you schedule them to go live. Make sure you test the URLs to ensure that they redirect to the correct page.


 Step 5: Schedule & Launch

Choose the start and end date of your coupon, or set as “permanent” for coupons that don’t have an end date. A permanent coupon will stay live until you manually delete it or schedule a coupon that will replace it. Once a scheduled coupon ends, your ads will go back to the permanent coupon (if you have one live). Learn more about coupon priorities.

Manage existing coupon projects

The ‘Coupon Projects’ tab is where you can find your upcoming scheduled coupons and those that you’ve started but have not yet scheduled. Here you can add new coupons, edit existing ones, delete projects, or duplicate coupons so you can run across multiple campaigns. Once your coupon goes live, you will find it on the ‘Live’ tab, where it will remain until the coupon ends. Once a coupon ends, you can view it on the 'History' tab.  (even if it is overridden by a higher priority coupon.) 

View coupon history

View all coupons that are no longer running in the 'History' tab. Here you can duplicate coupons that you'd like to use again. 

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