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Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Daily Budgets

A daily budget is a budget type within Management Center that limits your average daily spend across a calendar week. On a single day the spend can fluctuate by up to 150% of your daily budget but will never spend more than the set amount for that week. For example: If you set your daily budget to $100 then it can spend up to $150 in one day, but you won’t spend more than $700 across the week. If you’d prefer to cap your daily spend, you have the option to switch this on when you’re creating your new budget. 

To set a daily budget, select this budget type when creating a new insertion order within Management Center, and set the daily amount you'd like to spend. To cap your daily maximum daily budget (instead of an average across the week), you can switch this on below the amount field. If you don't see the daily budget as an option within Management Center, contact your Account Strategy team who can activate it for you.    

Important note: Daily budget caps can put your campaign(s) at risk of decreased performance because, if set too low, campaigns could continuously start and stop. Each time a campaign restarts, the Criteo Engine will have to learn from stale data, impacting its ability to properly bid on ad impressions. So, if you're using daily budgets, ensure that your budget and bidding strategy is aligned in order to keep your campaigns from regularly stopping and re-starting. 

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