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Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Update Your Feed Settings

This article is intended for Criteo clients with an existing feed uploaded.

This article will show you how to update your feed import settings within Management Center. Your feed is setup either on an FTP that you’ve given Criteo access to or a URL that you’ve provided. If you’ve updated the credentials to access your feed or change the location, you’ll need to update this in Management Center to ensure that Criteo is receiving the most up-to-date product information.

To update your feed settings, go to the Technical Setup > Product Feed > Settings.


Step 1: Enter the feed path

Enter the URL that will point to the new location of your feed. You can test this link to ensure that the feed path is correct by clicking the “Download” button.




Step 2: Grant permission to access your feed (if necessary)

If your feed is protected and requires credentials in order to access your feed, you can enter these credentials here.




Step 3: Update or validate your feed structure

If the structure of your feed has changed (for example, the price format has changed from “10,000.00” to “10000.00”,) you will need to update the structure. The default setup that you’ll see reflects the structure of your latest feed, so if nothing has changed you don’t need to update this section.

If your feed is built on a XML file, you will be able to change the node that contains the product information and the node that contains the product ID:




If your feed is built on a CSV file or something similar, you will be able to select the column that contains the product ID and the column separator that your file is using:




Define the encoding used

Open your downloaded feed file within a text editor (such as Notepad) to view your encoding information and select the right column.




To check if it’s working, preview your feed and check that all characters are recognized.


Define the price format

Select which price format is used in your feed so that Criteo can read your prices correctly.



Step 4: Test your feed setup

Once you’ve updated your feed setup, you are required to launch a test import. Once you launch a test, you’ll be shown a table with sample products and the value of the different fields that are being imported into the catalogue.




You’ll be able to save your new feed settings if the test is successful. If there’s an error, you’ll receive instructions to fix it.    

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