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Welcome to our Support Center

Get help with integration and live campaigns

Welcome to our Support Center. Get help with integration and live campaigns

Create a new Criteo Campaign

You can create a new campaign from the Campaigns tab within Management Center to get started. New to Criteo? Contact us.




1. Select your advertising objective

The first step in creating a campaign is to select your advertising objective. This objective should be based on your marketing goals and align with how you measure success. For example, if your goal is to encourage people interested in your brand to purchase and you look at revenue to measure success, then the revenue objective is the best option for your campaign. Your objective will help us make recommendations for campaign setup and will tell the Criteo Engine how to optimize towards your goal. 




2. Choose your audience

There are four types of audiences you can target with your new Criteo campaign. The audience that’s pre-selected when you arrive on this page is the recommended one based on your objective. Once you choose the audience that you’d like to target, there are various parameters you can apply to customize the way you target this audience. 




3. Define campaign parameters

Define your campaign parameters such as budget and launch time.


Name your campaign

Add a name to your campaign that will help you easily differentiate it from other campaigns you may be running.



Specify your budget

This will be the starting budget for your Criteo campaigns. You can change the amount or type at any time in Management center.




Schedule your launch

You can choose a quick launch, which will have your campaigns live in 5 days or less, or schedule for a specific date in the future.




Select your ad creatives

You can use the same ad creative you have live in another campaign or have run in the past, or a creative expert at Criteo can provide you with a brand new demo.




Input optional fields


Starting bid

You can choose your starting CPC or CPM bid, which can be adjusted once your campaign is live. If you don’t choose a starting bid, your campaign will launch at the minimum bid (minimum CPC bid is $0.15). Contact your Account Strategy team for a recommended starting CPC.


Add a tracking code

If you track the performance of your Criteo campaigns using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, add the tracking URL that will help you accurately capture performance data.


Add additional instructions

If you have additional instructions or information for the Criteo team to be aware of – such as key performance indicators or custom tracking parameters – you can add this here.


4. Launch your campaign

Once you’ve setup your campaign, you’re ready to submit for launch. If you selected the “Quick Launch” scheduling option, you’ll receive an email within 2-5 days confirming that your new campaign is live. You’ll then be able to see performance and make changes in Management Center.

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