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Each time the Criteo OneTag is fired, Criteo receives an event with all the parameters passed in the tag; this is called a hit. If no hits are received by Criteo, it means there is an issue with the implementation of the Criteo OneTag.

The number of hits per page recorded by the Criteo OneTag on your site (Homepage, Search Listing, Product, Basket and Sales Confirmation pages) must match the number of hits/page views as recorded by Google Analytics or similar. If there is a discrepancy it means not all page views are being recorded correctly and you will need to perform the following troubleshooting steps.

Solución de problemas

Ensure that the Criteo OneTag is implemented in a live environment because test environments do not generate enough hits for accurate analysis.

Browse your site's pages where the Criteo OneTag has been implemented (Homepage, Search Listing, Product, Basket and Sales Confirmation pages), particularly those where no, or a low number of hits are reported, then do the following checks:

¿Se está ejecutando el cargador de Criteo?

Sin el cargador la Criteo OneTag no se puede activar, por eso usted debe comprobar que el cargador se ejecute correctamente:

1. Open the Network panel.
If you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, press F12 on the keyboard, reload the page (F5), and then click on Network on the pop-up as shown in the image below.

2. Look for Criteo related network activity.
Click on the Network panel and press Ctrl+F to open the search bar

3. Busque "criteo" e intente encontrar una entrada de la actividad de la red como la de abajo, que indica ld.js.

4. Si no encuentra esta entrada, cargue de nuevo la página y vuelva a intentarlo.

5. If you still do not see the ld.js entry you must double check:

  • If you are implementing the Criteo OneTag directly into the source code of your website. You must check that the JavaScript loader (see the below code) is included at the beginning of the Criteo OneTag and that it's not being blocked by any other element of the code.
    Criteo Loader:
     <script type="text/javascript" src="//" async="true"></script>
  • Si está implementando la Criteo OneTag a través de Google Tag Manager, asegúrese de que sus disparadores estén correctamente definidos y de que la dataLayer (capa de datos) de Google Tag Manager contenga la información necesaria que se utiliza en esos disparadores..

¿La Criteo OneTag se está ejecutando correctamente?

Después de verificar que el cargador se está ejecutando correctamente, tendrá que realizar una comprobación similar para confirmar que se está efectuando una llamada de eventos a Criteo.

1. Busque una entrada que empiece por "event?a=" en el panel Network, como se muestra en la imagen de abajo.

2. Si no encuentra esta entrada, cargue de nuevo la página y repita la búsqueda.

3. Si sigue sin encontrar la entrada que empieza por "event?a=", quiere decir que la Criteo OneTag no se está ejecutando, y tendrá que revisar la implementación de la Criteo OneTag. Si necesita información detallada para configurar correctamente la Criteo OneTag, puede encontrarla aquí.

Problemas comunes que surgen al implementar la Criteo OneTag:

  • Account parameter has been modified
    Double check that the account parameter is exactly the same as the one you get from the Integrate platform.
    Account ID declaration:
     { event: "setAccount", account: YOUR UNIQUE ACCOUND ID },
  • Missing brackets, parentheses, square brackets or quotes
    If brackets, parentheses, square brackets or quotes are not opened or closed correctly, the Criteo OneTag code will be broken, generating JavaScript errors. Please ensure that all parentheses "(" , brackets "{" and square brackets "[" and quotes are entered exactly as shown in the Criteo OneTag code that you get from Integrate platform.
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