Bienvenue sur notre Centre de Support

Obtenez de l'aide sur l'intégration et sur vos campagnes.

Bienvenue sur notre Centre de Support. Obtenez de l'aide sur l'intégration et sur vos campagnes.

Puis-je basculer entre différentes devises pour analyser les données de mes campagnes dans plusieurs pays ou régions ?

Yes, you can choose to see all your data on your preferred currency by simply selecting the desired symbol from the currency drop down option at the top of the page.

Please note that if the initial currency used to set up your account is different to your preferred one, you will have to manually switch to your preferred currency every time you log back in to the management portal. 

This is because Criteo handles different accounts under a single currency which is usually the one you have set up your account with during the initial IO. If you have a global account signed in € but operating in several other countries with feeds in different currencies, the default currency in our system will remain in €. Criteo does not convert the order value as this value is passed in our platform directly from the feed. 

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