Bienvenue sur notre Centre de Support

Obtenez de l'aide sur l'intégration et sur vos campagnes.

Bienvenue sur notre Centre de Support. Obtenez de l'aide sur l'intégration et sur vos campagnes.

How do I add new placements under my website?


You can create and add multiple placements under the same website to reach your monetization goals. To add a new placement under your website, select the “Add new placement” under the URL listed in the “My Ads” section.

Criteo Publisher Marketplace currently supports three different advertising formats with various sizes:

    • Desktop – for desktop devices including high-performing ad placements.      
    • Tablet/Mobile – for mobile or tablet devices.                                            
    • Textlink – customized, native-style ads that show great results in content pages, between articles or just above social media widgets. To configure Textlink ads, please contact your Account Manager.


Once you’ve selected the format and name for your zone, please click ”Save”.         Criteo will automatically generate your advertising code, which you can copy and paste directly on your website or ad server to start serving Criteo ads.

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