Welkom bij ons Support Center

Voor hulp met integratie en live campagnes.

Welkom bij ons Support Center. Voor hulp met integratie en live campagnes.

Hoe wordt mijn banner in elkaar gezet?

Criteo's ads are created with Kinetic Design, a collection of tools and powerful dynamic creative optimization technology that creates visually stunning, personalized on-demand ads consistent with your brand. Our talented Creative Services team works with you to provide foundational designs which can be scaled up for personalization on a one-to-one level for every individual shopper and impression.

Here's how Criteo ads are built:

  1. Criteo’s Creative Services team uses a toolset called Composer to develop your unique design framework, 'codifying' your brand guidelines to guide the visual aesthetics of all your ads. Your design framework will contain elements such as your preferred colorsets, fonts, CTA and ratings styles, and more.

  2. Supported by the Criteo Engine’s in-depth shopper insights, our Real-Time Creative Optimization (RTCO) technology dynamically identifies the optimal layout and the most suitable elements from your design framework, for every individual shopper and context.

  3. Using the selections from Kinetic Design’s Real-time Creative Optimization, Renderer technology builds the optimal ad in the required size for each individual impression, including product recommendations straight from your product feed. Shopper insights and machine-learning capabilities are used to predict which products in your catalog are most likely to lead to a sale.


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