Welkom bij ons Support Center

Voor hulp met integratie en live campagnes.

Welkom bij ons Support Center. Voor hulp met integratie en live campagnes.

How does Criteo optimize my ad creatives / design?

Kinetic Design, a feature of the Criteo Engine, uses powerful machine learning technologies and the expertise of a talented Creative Services team to produce high-performing ad creative that’s in line with your brand. These ads are personalized for every shopper and each impression.

Zullen de ontwerpen met de richtlijnen van mijn merk overeenkomen?

Our team of Creative Consultants bring together your brand guidelines and a deep knowledge of optimization to deliver the best possible results. They work with you closely to create a set of foundational layouts, as part of a design framework which encompasses the branded elements (colorsets, CTA, fonts, and more) that will make up all of your ads.
(Foundational layouts have been determined using performance insights and an understanding of data and information architecture requirements.)

How many ad designs can I have?

Real-Time Creative Optimization uses this design framework to generate up to 17 trillion on-brand ad variations for you, allowing it to serve up the perfect ad for each and every impression.

Kinetic Design’s Renderer uses RTCO’s insight to build the ad in real-time to fit any size of inventory, ensuring your reach is never limited by available inventory sizes.


How does the Criteo Engine know which ad variation will perform best?  

The Criteo Engine constantly evaluates the performance of every ad, and will always display the variation likely to perform best.

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