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Uzyskaj pomoc w integracji i zarządzaniu kampaniami.

Witamy w naszym Centrum wsparcia. Uzyskaj pomoc w integracji i zarządzaniu kampaniami.

Does Criteo support native ad formats?

Yes, Criteo Publisher Marketplace supports native ad formats, either via Textlinks or the Native API. The main difference between Textlinks and Native API banners is the degree you customize and personalize the placement.

Textlinks are simple ads made up of text and images. You can customize the size, color, font and layout.

Criteo’s Native API, available on demand, gives much greater flexibility. The API returns a list of assets – text, images, prices, tag lines – which are then assembled via client-side code deployed on the website. This allows publishers to create banners that align with the look and feel of their site.

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