Witamy w naszym Centrum wsparcia

Uzyskaj pomoc w integracji i zarządzaniu kampaniami.

Witamy w naszym Centrum wsparcia. Uzyskaj pomoc w integracji i zarządzaniu kampaniami.

How do I retrieve my current advertiser code?

Your current advertiser code is the code used by your ad server to display an ad unit, or is the code provided by your advertising partner if you are not using an ad server (i.e. AdSense).

It’s usually found in your ad server interface. For example, if you’re using DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) as your ad server, navigate to “Inventory” then “Generate tags”. You can copy and paste the code under the Criteo Publisher Marketplace zone creation section.

For advice on how to set up tags in your ad server, contact your Criteo Account Manager.

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