Bem-vindo ao nosso Centro de Suporte

Obtenha ajuda com integração e campanhas ativas.

Bem-vindo ao nosso Centro de Suporte. Obtenha ajuda com integração e campanhas ativas.

Visão geral dos Anúncios Dinâmicos de Produtos Dinâmicos (DPA)

Increase your digital revenue through Criteo Dynamic Retargeting and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Modern advertisers look for efficient ways to increase their e-commerce sales with relevant, personalized ads served across desktop, mobile and social. Being a leading strategic partner for Facebook, Criteo delivers Facebook DPA over mobile and desktop, so you can take advantage of our proven, programmatic technology in the Facebook environment.


Criteo Dynamic Retargeting understands purchase intent across the entire shopping journey, serving the most relevant ads across Facebook and over 14,000 global publishers. We’ve integrated the complete capabilities of our fully-automated Criteo Performance Platform to Facebook which enables us to granularly optimize campaigns, provide recommendations at the user level, and maximize purchase conversion. Purpose-built for driving online sales, increased performance and maximum reach, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting  continuously learns from every consumer interaction and click.


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