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Обзор консоли отладки тегов

With Criteo OneTag on every page of your site, we can collect user intent data of your visitors’ events – from first browse to last purchase – which we then use to create highly relevant and personalized ad banners. 


Part of the integration process, the Tag Debug console allows you to test and repair (debug) any errors on any page where you’ve implemented Criteo OneTag before they go live.

The Debug Mode console is easy to use, provides real-time feedback and comes with detailed reports and links to our support center pages that guide you through every step.

Как работает этот инструмент

После внедрения Criteo OneTag можно активировать консоль режима отладки на панели проверки тегов, а затем просто выбрать URL сайта, который вы хотите проверить.

The tool will reveal errors such as product details that don’t match the data in the feed, missing mandatory or optional parameters, or any syntax errors in the Criteo OneTag. 

You can fix any highlighted errors and be running and maximizing revenue with relevant ads on the same day.


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