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Получите помощь с интеграцией и запущенными кампаниями.

Добро пожаловать в Центр поддержки. Получите помощь с интеграцией и запущенными кампаниями.

How am I paid by Criteo?

Criteo pays you once per month on net-30 day terms, via ACH. There is a payment threshold of 50€/£/$/ or 150R$, or 5,000¥. For example, if a you reach the 50€/£/$ threshold at the end of October, you will be paid on November 30th.

We do not issue payments below the 50€/£/$/ or 150 R$, or 5,000 ¥ threshold.

Important: to pay you on the net-30 billing schedule, we need your fully completed banking details during the month.

Only impressions which are non-fraudulent are taken into consideration. See the Criteo Publisher Marketplace General Terms and Conditions for any additional questions.

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