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Seyahat Parametresi viewSearch Olayı

Genel Bakış

If your website contains dates for a booking or for renting some product, then the viewSearch event can be beneficial to the performance of your campaign. Implementing the viewSearch event on your site allows Criteo to better understand the user's interest in booking/renting the desired trip/product.  

viewSearch olayı

The viewSearch event collects both a start and end date. These dates help the Criteo Engine better recommend products at the correct time before purchase. It also provides the information needed so that we do not serve irrelevant information to users who have already passed the dates of interest. 

Nasıl uygulanır?

You simply need to add the following event to the Criteo OneTag on any page where dates are available, and then dynamically send the dates in the following format: yyyy-MM-dd

 { event: "viewSearch", checkin_date: "yyyy-MM-dd", checkout_date: "yyyy-MM-dd"}

O yüzdenviewSearch olayıSepet tag'indeuygulanmışsa tag'İn görünümü şöyle olur:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//static.criteo.net/js/ld/ld.js" async="true"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
window.criteo_q = window.criteo_q || [];
{ event: "setAccount", account: YOUR_UNIQUE_ACCOUNT_ID },
{ event: "setSiteType", type: "d" },
{ event: "setEmail", email: "criteotest@test.com" }, { event: "viewSearch", checkin_date: "2016-08-12", checkout_date: "2016-08-18"},
{ event: "viewBasket", item: [ { id: "FLIGHT_ID1", price: 299.99, quantity: 1 }

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